I didn't know ..........Japan is Crazy!!!!!! Finish!!

Hey I just met you.
And this is crazy.
But here's my number.
So call me maybe~☆
It's hard look right.
At you baby.
But here's my number.
So call me maybe~☆

Hey hey Are you crazy!?

oh ok!! Here we go!!!!!
wait..... I forgot........
This is long long time ago story....

Let's do this!

I think Dream...or same one??teach me Mr.Honda!
badass front fender!!! I like a lot!!

ohhhhh shitty song!!It's horrible!hahaha

happy time!

yeah Bagger!!!

That's sick color!

Hahaha I hope you enjoy it☆

mile and km.




I  want this!!

Too skinny!! NOT my type!!


Do you know Heist?

It's stock. What do you think?

Hahaha Honda VS....




I love LONG!! sexy☆

YES!! I love it!!
Let's make a journey to the world!!!!!!

going~ going~ going~ home~♪ hahaha

Thank you so much 2473 crew!!!!

oh no. I'm so fucking tired......english only right?
I know I know.  see ya!

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